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October 2006
Earthquake Trivia

February 2005
Writing Tips
Need a copy editor?  Can't afford one?  Try these writing tips or calling Michael Friedman to get you through.

January 2005
Tsunami Disaster Relief Site
Do what you can to help the survivors of the Tsunami.

December 2004
Not Another Fruitcake?
Gift Mixer 3000 will help you avoid gift disaster and by findWriting Tipsing the perfect gift for that special someone and your favorite coworker this year.

November 2004
Political Cartoons
The best political cartoons from around the country to help you get through the election.

October 2004
Look Up Chicken Little!
Find out what's happening up in the sky at Space Weather. 

September 2004
Bonjour Elise, Ca Va? 
Translate from English to several languages and vice-versa with Alta Vista's Babelfish translator.

August 2004
What do you mean my seat doesn't recline?
View plane layouts and book the best seats with the Seat Guru's best and worst seat guides.

July 2004
The Sun'll Come out Tomorrow
Find out when the sun and moon set and rise in your city, or anywhere, any day of the year, or century.  Plan that perfect shot at sunset's magic hour with the U.S. Navy's sun and moon guide.

June 2004
So That's Why We Could Never Get Along
Find out your personality type - and those of your friends, family and coworkers to see if you're compatible.

May 2004
Hawaiian Dictionary
To help you converse at the 2004 SCAN NATOA Conference.

April 2004
Very Trippy Optical Illusion

Try squinting at it - it should stop moving.

March 2004
Check Your Ballot and Find Out Your Polling Place in Los Angeles County
That's right, it's election time again.  Use the link above if you live in LA County, or click here for statewide information in California.

February 2004
Earth Science Picture of the Day

January 2004
National Geographic Photo of the Day

December 2003
Earth From Above

Check out the beautiful aerial photography of Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

November 2003
One Stop Reference
Need to look up the tibia in Gray's Anatomy, use a thesaurus or a dictionary? Check out this site for a one stop reference library.

October 2003
Famous Sayings
Find out where all of those strange sayings that you use come from.

September 2003
Notes From The Road

Notes from the Road
is a project in experimental travel writing.
Notes from the Road is a travel site, not a travel guide site. It does not try to provide  readers with all-encompassing information on what to see and do around the world. For independent travelers, that sort of information is easy to come by on a number of excellent sites and books. Notes from the Road is about subjective travel; the kind of real world of random things and real people.

August 2003
Live Mars Webcast
Watch Mars orbit closer to the Earth than it will be for the next 60,000 years.  Unless you plan on being around for the next one. . . don't miss out!  And here are some cool hiking spots to get away from the city lights to see the red planet.

July 2003
LA County Restaurant Ratings

Find out the rating of your favorite restaurant or look up that new
spot you've had your eye on.

June 2003
A Cool Ad
This is just a cool look at how smaller parts all interconnect to make a whole.

e-Cards from Nature
Send your favorite SCANNER an ecard with an inspirational quote today.

May 2003
Kunstbar - An Eerie Journey Through High Art
Enjoy this animated short about a bizarre journey that starts in a bar,
then moves behind the canvas and inside famous paintings.
Freaky and a little unnerving, you'll watch the hero wander
through the imaginations of Bosch, Chagall, Dali, Picasso, Pollock, and more.
Kunstbar is best seen with a high-speed Internet connection,
and you'll need the
free Macromedia Flash player to see it.
Go there now

April 2003
A Little Music to Welcome in the Spring
Be sure to click on the musicians

March 2003
Earth From Above
Some astoundingly cool photos of our beautiful planet taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
You can send
ecards of his photos to your friends and family.

February 2003
Celebrating the Chinese New Year
The Year of the Goat

January 2003
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
with archives!

December 2002
Sunrise/Sunset Times

November 2002
Keep an eye on this one

October 2002
The Seven Best
All The Rest
Cheap/Good Eats in LA

September 2002
Things to do in Chicago (Other than the National Conference)

Stop Following Me

August 2002
Just a weird site - McScruff

July 2002
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog
Part of The Library of Congress, this site lets you
search through all the historical prints and photographs.

June 2002
Portals to the World
Part of The Library of Congress, this site lets you
virtually explore the world's countries and geographic

plus a bonus link to the Adelphia Meeting handouts

May 2002
How to Start a Government Access Channel

April 2002
Audio Clips From Your Favorite Movie
Download your favorite line from a movie to use on your computer! 
(Beware of the pop-up windows. . . .)

March 2002
Personality Online
Find out your personality type and why you are the way you are. . .

February 2002
Power of Ten
View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.

January 2002
Recycle Your Used Holiday Cards
Do something useful with your holiday cards this year and send them to the St. Jude's Children's Ranch where the cards are recycled and sold to raise funds for the children.

December 2001
Guggenheim Motorcycle Exhibit
Great use of FLASH.  ALSO - Don't forget to use E-Cards below 
to send your favorite SCANNER a holiday card. 

November 2001
10 Tips to Keeping Your Memory Sharp
Some good reminders for all of us as we enter 
this season of eating and drinking.

October 2001
A Virtual Trip Through the Human Body
Be sure to go on the animated tour of the body!

September 2001
Great cards to mail out for all of those birthdays we always hear about - 
with interesting information and environmental messages to boot!!

August 2001
Real World Music
A cool site to see as you get ready to redesign your station or City website. 
(be sure to go on the panoramic tour of the Real World Studios!)

July 2001
405 - The Movie
You must register to see this, but for anyone who has ever 
driven the 405 Freeway in rush hour (or any hour come to think of it), 
it is worth the effort.

June 2001
A Mystery from the movie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
Stanley Kubrick still at work after death.

May 2001
Stick figures meet Matrix.  Another simple yet amazing flash site.
Warning: Contains violence (I think?!?)  Do not try this at home.  

April 2001
Be sure that you have a high speed internet connection and an hour or so 
set aside to check out all of the cool things on this site.

March 2001
This is a very nice flash site.  If you don't have high speed internet 
connections yet, this is a good time to negotiate to get one.  And although we don't want to be commercial at Cool Site - the books are great - go buy one.

February 2001
Blue Mountain Cards
An old one, but a reminder to send a Valentine to that special Scanner.

January 2001
Ad Critic
In honor of the Superbowl - a look at the strange and 
unique commercials in the world.

December 2000
Earth Lights at Night from Space
Happy Holidays!

Other Neat NASA Photos

November 2000
The Website Garage
A great site to help you tune-up your website!

October 2000
Search for Movies or TV Shows on Line
Plus a great reference guide for anything you need to look up.

September 2000
Things To Do in LA During the NATOA Conference
OK - we are obviously a bit biased here at Cool Site of the Month, but
this will help those of you coming to the conference find something to do.  If you are 
desperate for a non-NATOA cool-site try the
Virtual Fishtank in Boston.

August 2000
Send Your Name to Mars
Feeling a little spacey lately?  Have your name included on the next 
mission to Mars and get a cool certificate from NASA to show your friends. 
 And yes the site is intended for kids, but kids of all ages. 

July 2000
Font Fairy
Thousands of downloadable fonts for your graphic presentations!

June 2000
Celebrity Insults
Need we say anymore?

May 2000
Create your own really neat animated figures - 
something to pass the time during conference calls?

April 2000
Weddings Online
In honor of NAB month - watch Las Vegas weddings online.  Also - there
are some really cool critter cams.

March 2000
What Happened on the Day You Were Born???
If your parents wont tell you, find out here!

February 2000
MixMe Musical Cards
Send out a Singing Valentine to your favorite SCAN member.

January 2000
Learn How!
A cool site that will give you instructions on - well - just about everything including snowboarding, balancing your checkbook, tying a tie, giving a speech, 
being a maid of honor, whistling and more!!

December 1999

Personality Test
Find out more about yourself, just in time for those New Year's resolutions.

November 1999
SCAN Brain Teasers 
These should keep you occupied for hours.  If you get really stuck, call 
Brenda Trainor, she solved all but one in hotel lobbies, airports, on plane rides, etc.  
We will post a link to the answers at the end of the month.

October 1999
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards   or Oh My Goodness Cards

Well, as the holidays start earlier and earlier in shopping malls, so do we here at Cool Site of the Month.  So send out some Halloween cards, get a jump start on Christmas cards, or just send a friendly hello to a fellow Scanner or your local cable operator.

September 1999
Recent Earthquakes in Southern California
Nevada   and Northern California
As we head into Eastern Hurricanes - Let us not forget what's shaking out west.

August 1999
Kaleidescope Painter

What will they think of next?  Very cool!
and more kid's art programs

July 1999
Eye4U Modular Websynth
This is great music-making fun to entertain you during those long conference calls. 
It is also worth checking out the parent site at
EYE4U for some great use of Shockwave Flash.

June 1999
Digital Film Festival
Go to the movie-maker game and send your friends and co-workers your latest production

Note - To view June and July sites correctly, you may need to download
shockwave flash. 
Click Here for download.


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